What Is WordPress and How Does It Work?

WordPress is website creation software that allows you to create, organize and publish the content for your website easily, without knowing a lick of code.


  • What Is WordPress?
  • Content
  • Database
  • Media
  • Themes
  • Taxonomies
  • Plugins

Installing WordPress and Signing In

In this guide, learn how to quickly and easily install WordPress on your web host account and how to sign in once WordPress is installed. Introduction Assumptions You have a Web Address and a Web Host You have access to your web host account’s cPanel (a user friendly “control panel” to manage your web host […]


  • Installing WordPress
  • Signing In To WordPress

Getting Comfortable With the WordPress Admin Area

In this guide we’ll go over how to navigate and get comfortable with the WordPress Admin Area, where you’ll create and edit posts and pages, manage users, customize the appearance of your website, and so forth.


  • Toolbar
  • Screen Options Tab
  • Help Tab
  • Screens Menu
  • Screen Content

Understanding Your WordPress Settings

In this guide, we walk through the General Settings Admin Screen. Here you’ll be able to set and update your websites name, tagline, web address, administrative email address, and other basic but important settings for your WordPress website.


  • General Site Wide Settings
  • Post, Page and Image Settings
  • Permalinks (URLs)
  • Discussion (Comments)
  • Privacy Policy

WordPress User Basics

Introduction This guide covers WordPress user basics from user registration and login to creating and managing users. Assumptions You have installed WordPress successfully and can sign in. You are comfortable in your WordPress Admin Area Take Aways Understand user roles and capabilities Learn how users can register, login and manage their own profiles Learn how to […]


  • User Roles and Capabilities
  • User Registration
  • User Profile Settings
  • Public User Profile
  • Creating Users
  • Deleting Users
  • Managing Your Users