Installing WordPress and Signing In

Install WordPress

In this guide, learn how to quickly and easily install WordPress on your web host account and how to sign in once WordPress is installed.



  • You have a Web Address and a Web Host
  • You have access to your web host account’s cPanel (a user friendly “control panel” to manage your web host account).

Take Aways

  • Use your Web Host’s WordPress install tool to install WordPress at your Web Address
  • Learn how to sign in to WordPress
  • Learn how to retrieve your password

Installing WordPress

To get a website up and running with WordPress, you need just 3 things: a website address (a domain name), a virtual space to put your website (a web host), and of course the free WordPress software.

A modern web hosting service gives you access to an interface where you can manage your account. A good web host also has “one-click” installation tools for popular software like WordPress so you can quickly and easily install WordPress in a few minutes.

I suggest reading this article on how WordPress works to understand what’s happening behind the scenes in this installation. It’s helpful to know how WordPress works in case you need to talk to support to resolve issues with installation or future issues after you publish content.

Once you install your WordPress site you can sign in to your Admin Area. The Admin area is like any “back end” of a software application where you manage your account. Here, you can add and manage content, configure site settings, switch and configure themes, add and manage plugins, create and manage users, moderate comments and so on. Read more about the WordPress Admin Area here.

Installation Instructions

The below instructions are for installing WordPress using SiteGround’s cpanel. Most modern web hosts have similar control panels.

  • Log in to your web host account and navigate to your cpanel.
  • Here is where cpanels differ. The SiteGround account used for this website has a specific area for WordPress tools. The cpanel for a HostGator account, alternatively, has a “Software” section with a “Quick Install” link.
  • Click the “WordPress Installer” link.
  • Click the “Install Now” link.
  • In the Software Setup section, choose the options that make sense for your website such as the domain to install WordPress, the directory, whether to use https or http.
  • In the Site Settings section, enter your site name and “description” which is the tagline (a short phrase that describes your website). You can leave one or both as is and change later.
  • In the Admin Account section, enter your the email, password and username which you will use to sign in to your WordPress Admin Area.
  • Update the language as needed.
  • Skip the other sections and click “Install”.
  • Follow the “install” link to your new WordPress website and follow the instructions.

Signing In To WordPress

Signing In

Use either or to sign in.

Accessing Admin Area

After logging in, visit or

You can also just visit or without logging in. You will be redirected to the log in page, and then redirected back to your Admin Area.

Please let me know of any errors, grammatical or other, in the this guide via the contact form. Also feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.

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